Electrical equipment is not a passing fad; it has made itself indispensable over the years. It is something that we rely on and is essential in our daily routine. But what happens when there’s an electrical failure or malfunction and we find ourselves without it? 

That’s where we come in!

We are Kingston’s most reliable Electricians. Our Technicians will provide service to ensure that the electrical wiring and equipment you are depending on, will continue to function properly. 

Our experienced, friendly Electricians handle a variety of electrical problems including: 

•   Blackouts

•   Power failures 

•   Equipment shutdowns

•   Many others


We are not just equipped to handle emergency situations, but we can also handle a variety of other residential electrical services such as:


•   Residential Equipment installations

•   Electrical wiring repairs

•   Electrical Code Corrections

•   Outlets and Circuits

•   Ceiling Fan Installation/Maintenance

•   Track and Accent Lighting

•   Breakers and Fuses

•   Service Panel Upgrades

•   Service Upgrades

•   New or Additional Service installations

•   Car charger installations

•   Hot tub and pool wiring

•   Electrical House Inspections

•   Generators and Generlinks


Whether it’s a construction and remodeling project, electricity conservation project, home electrical wiring, or electrical maintenance you need, just call us and you find a reliable, licensed professional.

We are all expertly trained and fully licensed to serve your needs at affordable prices. 

Our residential review of your current electrical system would provide you with a report on any items that may need to be addressed. We will explain our solutions and how we could resolve each item. 

We also work alongside many local trade construction and renovation businesses to ensure your renovation is completed in a timely professional manor.

Not sure if we can solve your electrical problem? Contact us and we will help you find a solution.